Some Scholarships Offered by Medical Schools, How to Apply online

Although you can find many public and private organizations that offer medical school scholarships, most grants for students are offered directly by medical schools themselves. Each school, however, has its own eligibility criteria for the scholarships and different procedures you need to follow for submitting the applications. Here are some of the medical schools that offer scholarships and their eligibility criteria.

The College of Medicine of the University of Central Florida is one school that offers grants to its students. The university offers both partial and full scholarships ranging from $30,000 to $60,000 in a single academic year. 40 students are awarded full scholarships every year.

Vanderbilt University School of Medicine has also opportunities for prospective students. The school has eight types of scholarships which are not based on need. One of these scholarship programs is the John E. Chapman, MD Endowed Scholarship Fund. Based primarily on merit, and secondarily on need, both partial and full scholarships are awarded under the framework of this fund. The Joe C. Davis Scholarship is another scheme offered at Vanderbilt University. To be eligible for this scholarship, students need to be both financially in need and demonstrate qualities of scholarship and leadership. It is also important that applicants come from a state defined as a southeastern state east of the Mississippi. Full and partial scholarships are awarded for four years of study at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Another university which offers various scholarship programs is Mayo Medical School in Minnesota. This school has three different scholarships based on merit. The first category is a 50% tuition fee scholarship, which can be renewed every year if the student shows satisfactory academic performance. The second scholarship program is called Dean Awards and is a full scholarship award. These awards are also renewable based on the performance of the student. The final category of scholarships at Mayo Medical School in Minnesota is the Outstanding Achievement Scholarship. This scheme is offered to students coming from diverse backgrounds or those that fall under non-traditional roles as outlined by the university.

Brown Alpert Medical School is another institution with numerous scholarship schemes. There is no separate application required for the Alpert Medical School Scholarships, as those students who are able to fulfill the eligibility criteria are automatically considered for the schemes. These criteria include being enrolled at least half-time in courses at Brown Alpert Medical School, and making satisfactory academic progress in the courses, as defined by the university. Some scholarships at this school are Terry M. Sanderson Medical Scholarship, the Grace B. Ross Medical Scholarship and the Helen Humphrey Wood Hurlin Medical Fellowship. The university is also helpful to its students to reach private scholarships and loans if seen necessary.

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